20 Nov 2013

Special experience- SNATCH 倫敦被搶的經驗

I really don't know how to start this cause it has been a while...
About a month ago, I went to Oxford street for shopping with two girl friends.
After dinner, we decided to go back and take one more glance. 
First was the Zara just next to tube station, then we saw shoes across the street.

Before that, we were looking for one particular brand store but couldn't find it. 
So two of us checking the google map on our cell phones facing shops and just right next to the pavement. It's around 8:30 p.m., Wednesday.

Suddenly it just happened! Someone took my phone (HTC new ONE) away while I was using google map and ran across the street. At that time, unfortunately all the cars were stop by the traffic light. I was shocked for 2 sec then turn and shout out just one word "HEY!"  There were two of them. As soon as the first one got the phone, they ran away together. I  returned to my friends after they disappeared in one of the dark lane.

I was shocked and angry about him and also myself. My mind went blank and didn't know what to do till a lady came and told me there were police just about 100 meters away. I ran to the police and explained what happened. Before the officer wanted to make sure I said, three nice british came to tell the police what they've seen and described the look of the suspects. I am really appreciate their help and their kindness! One of them even told me it happened to her once... The officer said he would drive me around Oxford street and Regent street to see if I could find the suspects. Of course in vain... Then he took us to the police station near Regent street to report it. But the funny thing was the officer in the station didn't accept my report unless I have my IMEI number with me. (The IMEI number is cell phone's ID number.) I asked to do the report first and bring the number the day after. But he still didn't accept and seemed unwilling to help. He even said to me it's not a robbery but a snatch. Seriously? What's the point if he didn't accept my report and telling me the different between these two?

I decided to head home first to changed all the passwords log on my phone. On the way home I was thinking again and again. I should have notice him while he was walking toward me; I was too shocked to say anything so no one could have help; I should have used my bag to attack him or throw to him. But these won't help anything. Thanks to my two girl friends' help. They kept company with me back home and went to the police station in Kingston to finish the report. Honestly, the second day I start to feel scary about the experience. Fortunately, it was just a phone and non of us get hurt.

All these things just happened two days before I went to Helsinki this October. So I only told the truth to some of my friends. I didn't want my family to worry about me so I lied. I said my phone was felt off the escalator in the tube and broke. I didn't tell them the truth till the day before I came home.

So next time, if you go shopping in this area, be aware of your personal belonging!

p.s. I've heard phone and wallet stolen and robbery right after from cash machine. But still it's a nice place for shopping!

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  1. 也太恐怖了吧= =!! 當街被搶欸!!!! 怪不的我們英文老師說他愛台北,因為不會有這樣當街被搶的事情!

    1. 哈 對啊~相較之下台灣安全多了

  2. 而且第二個警察好機歪= =